Programming at its finest.

Hi and welcome to my personal website,

My name is Lloyd Etheridge. I live in Geelong, Australia and have a young daughter named Amie.

Lloyd I have been a computer programmer for over 10 years now and have spent most of the time compiling a program called EZIaccounts. It is an Accounting program for Personal and Business users alike, please feel free to check it out at

Over that time I have compiled many websites:
The main websites I work with are my horse racing thoroughbred site of a thoroughbred racing site for Australia and New Zealand on a daily basis to suit all types of race horse enthusiasts.

Another one I have been working intensely on is my daughters Auction site for all types of things similar to Ebay but is more than competition as the fees are a lot less than what they will charge ever.

On the health food side of things I have been working working with my father for the answers on healthy issues.

My last and main project that I have developed over the past few years is my accounting software for personal, business and the manufacturing market is The project started out when I was contracted to develop software to take over from a customers DBaseVI program due to the possible crash of 2000. It was lucky for them as there was a crash in it when it rolled over, however they were using EziAccounts then known as Glassall.
The software started off as just a Work shop manufacturing software with just the basics of accounts and and involved assembling program for their Aluminium screens, doors and windows with cutting sheets and the like. It developed over the years to also include Payroll, Debtors, Creditors, Asset manager, Banking, Staff manager, Business Activity Statement and much more, all available via a web server allowing many users at the one time.

I also help out my daughter Amie with any website creation she might have going on. Her website is and advanced to her current web creation website of

I hope to add my scripts collection to this website at some point (when I get the time) so you can all check them out and use them if required.

I will have a mixture of free scripts and paid scripts.

I hope you will find my website useful and informational.

Check out the 'links' page for more useful links.

Bye for now,
Lloyd Etheridge

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Comment Posted : Fri Oct 14 04:08:38 2016
Dear Jeremy,

How are you? It is Vicky from Baili razor.Hope all is well with you.

Best Regards,
Vicky He.

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