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Win by the STARS.

We are all believers in the STARS in one form or another.
How many times have you found yourself browsing the paper and looking up your STARS for the day?
What you may not know is that the day is broken up into 24 favourable time zones (12 day & 12 night) but with a difference to our normal hours.
These time zones start from sunrise to sunset.
They are calculated by using the minutes between sunrise and sunset then dividing them by 12 (for the daylight zones) and 12 (for the night zones) giving you "time zone".
Each "time zone" is represented by a ruling star sign.

Their are seven different star signs, one for each beginning of every day of the week :-
Saturday - Saturn
Sunday - Sun
Monday - Moon
Tuesday - Mercury
Wednesday - Mars
Thursday - Jupiter
Friday - Venus

The activity belonging to the favourable minutes during the time zone would be at its best in performance and have the "luck" with it.

Lets say the Melbourne Cup was run during a Jupiter "time zone" then you would select runners referring to :- cathedrals, saints, luck, large animals, far way places, etc..
If you wanted to plant a garden the best time to start would be in a "moon time zone" (relating to water, gardens, growth, food) for the best results.

Win with Biorhythm

Increase your chances of succeeding in what you want to achieve by using your biorythms as a guide.

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Daily Ruling Planet

Increase your chances of succeeding in knowing what daily ruling planet is for the day as an extra guide.

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Start having good luck or good fortune with your life.


Let me explain that this is just not a "off the shelf" new product that doesn't carry weight. I am living proof of how it works.
I have won many times playing the Pokies not the BIG win as yet but I am still working on that.
There are hours in the day that are really favourable to winning and that is in a Jupiter time zone as Jupiter is a symbol of Luck (check the zone keywords in the App).
I would play during those times and WIN, as Jackpots would fall during those times or the machine would give me "good spins" either way it was mostly all winning times.
Using the star time zone does not guarantee that you will win the Jackpots but are just a "Best time to play" zone.
Below are some of my photos of times I have won some small jackpots personally myself.

The App

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